Nature is like a kaleidoscope of images giving us a beautiful scene month after month. No matter where we live, in the countryside or in the city, every season has its own beauty, colors and treasures. The colors of autumn are warm and bright. Ocres, green orange and leafy browns. Colors that melt in a beautiful cadence like autumn leaves falling from the trees.

The combined Nins, rings and coins encourages children to create logical, mathematical relationships when sorting and counting the different shapes and colours. This simple action strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and the many pieces that are included inspire open ended play.

The Grapat Seasons Autumn set includes 3 Nins, 3 Nins with Top Hats, 3 Mates (cups), 9 rings and 9 coins. Nins measure 6 cm heigh, Mates measure 5 cm heigh and coins and rings have a diameter of 4.7 cm.

Recommended from 12 mths+


GRAPAT provides materials without instructions. Open-ended, favour free and autonomous play. The only premise is to let children play, slowly, without time limits.

We suggest material that encourages, invites and stimulates the creation of several fantastic, realistic and invented little worlds. It is made following traditional processes, in the old way, with thick soft raw materials, natural dyes which let the wood veins be seen and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine. The products are painted by hand, homemade, surrounded by land, fire, rivers and many children nearby, who inspire us daily.