Grapat Perpetual Calendar with Nins®

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The Grapat Perpetual Calendar is an annual manipulative and active calendar that allows the child to touch the year and understand the passage of time through the experience. Pre-Schoolers and even School Age children often find it hard to understand time, especially when further in the distance. Take Birthdays for example, a child may know when their Birthday is but the amount of time they have to wait for their day to arrive is often hard to understand. This is where the Perpetual Calendar can help visualize the time. It is also a fabulous tool to teach the months of the year and seasons in a visual way.

The set contains 12 Nins® in 12 colors according to the Waldorf pedagogy, both to determine the month and it's season of the year. 1 bowl of natural beech wood, two natural beech wood cubes with the numbers of the days printed, and a platform distributed in 4 sections that determine the seasons, stamped with the months of the year.

Recommended from 3 yrs+

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