Our babies and children are our greatest concern, so obviously we want to make sure that they are always kept as safe as possible. But did you know that they could be exposed to everyday items that are not safe?

Did you know that dummy chains, teething accessories, pram garlands and playgym toys are all subject to mandatory safety standards?

When purchasing such products, it would be beneficial to check that the business has taken the appropriate measures to ensure that their product meets applicable safety standards.

What to look for:
• Reputable businesses will have compliant products
• Reputable businesses will state the applicable safety standard 
on the products packaging and website. 
• Some reputable businesses will even have independent 
laboratory testing on their items. 
• Reputable businesses will hold current product and liability 

Handmade does NOT mean non-compliant, but it is crucial that we support those businesses who have put time and money into making sure their products are safe for your little ones.

At Wooden World, all our handmade products for babies/children under 36 months of age have been independently safety tested and are compliant to Australian Standards.

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