You may have already seen this post on other websites but I thought it is best to post it again on here as it is an important message.

Unfortunately, with changes made by the ACCC reclassifying all 'teething jewellery' as TEETHING TOYS, it is against mandatory safety standards for any retailer Australia wide to sell 'teething jewellery' unless they comply in full to the mandatory toy standards - which 99.9% currently on the market today will not due to size restrictions.

Even being made using the same BPA free, certified food-grade silicon beads, strong nylon cord and breakaway clasps, does NOT unfortunately make them compliant.

I am diligent about safety of my products, only using quality components and this will not change. But due to their new product classification I cannot endorse the use of my necklaces for teething, as there is a risk of children under 3 being given necklaces to play with, and that having potentially devastating consequences.

As stated on our Safety Information card that is attached with all orders, it clearly states that children under 3 years old SHOULD NOT play with or wear jewellery, that they are not a toy and are to only be worn by adults.

The ACCC is investigating and potentially fining any business promoting their jewellery for "teething". 

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